Traveling Card  v.

Are you going to travel the World and use a travel debit card? This application helps you to keep the balance of your debit card. No more note papers for registering the amount you've spent. By using Traveling Card you can manage your debit cards,

Traveling Vehicle Icons  v.

High Quality Royalty-Free Icons for Windows, Mac and Linux, Offers .


Traveling Salesman  v.1.0.3.rc1

traveling-salesman is a GPS -route-planning and -navigation -system based on libosm and the OpenStreetMap.

Traveling to Europe  v.

Europe: the dream destination for millions of people each year. Whether you first dreamt of the castles as a child, or whether your interest is in the history and beauty of the countries,

Traveling on Budget  v.

Where do you wish you were right now? Hawaii? The Bahamas? New Zealand? If you could choose one spot in the world to be your dream vacation destination… …where would it be? Second question. Do you think you’ll ever get there? Travel can be

Smart Traveling  v.

Be smart on your travel organization: create your route with all locations you want to visit and follow the indications on the map to cover the best path! Furthermore,

JOpt.NET - Vehicle Routing Software Library  v.2.0.6

JOpt.NET TourPlanner is an automated vehicle routing software and dispatching .NET component for logistic applications that can solve Traveling Salesman Problems (TSP) and Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problems with Time Windows (CVRPTW,VRPTW).

Easy SMTP Server

Send e-mail messages easily and securely from your portable PC while you are traveling around the world! Using this program instead of your ISP's SMTP server you will increase your e-mail security and privacy as well as get rid of annoying change of

Free SMTP Server  v.2.5997

Free SMTP Server is a SMTP server program for Windows that lets you send email messages directly from your computer. It's very simple but very useful for laptop users traveling around the world and connecting their PCs to different Internet Service P

Galaxy Journey 3D Screensaver

The Galaxy Journey 3D animated screensaver takes you on a journey through the galaxies as you blast off in to space. In a new 3D Galaxy Journey screensaver you can see great galaxies, huge rotating worm holes, worm hole tunnel traveling, asteroid fields,

3D Space Screensaver

This screensaver showing the Solar system. Using this programme you will be moving yourself between the planets of Solar system watching the wonderful views of the planets. Soft music and your traveling in 3D Solar system will perfectly influence

Soccer Roster Organizer

Soccer Roster Organizer is a freeware program for soccer coaches of kid's soccer traveling teams or city leagues. By setting up team rosters and planning changes before the game, the coach can allow for each soccer player to get a turn at each position

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